No HEIC support?

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No HEIC support?

Post by Farbauti »

Hi there,

According to the Xn Classic supports heic/heif files.
I updated to the latest version ( XnView 2.51.2 for Windows ).
I also purchased Microsoft's HEVC extension.

Now XnView can (at least) display the thumbnail - but it cannot open the file.
Why is that?
What did I wrong?

Regards, Tom.
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Re: No HEIC support?

Post by xnview »

You need to use XnView MP for full HEIC support
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Re: No HEIC support?

Post by captaincavern »

You can probably use ifheic susie plugin from github, Does not work for me because I use an operating system that is too old for this plugin but should work with newer ones (7 and up). Put ifheic.spi in XnView's Plugins folder and try.