Batch Rename: How to change the date format

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Batch Rename: How to change the date format

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Below please find a description for how to specify a user-defined date format in Batch rename.

When Batch renaming, the user can use numerous placeholders. There are various placeholders which stand for a date, <Current date> and <Daten taken>, for example. When using these placeholders, the date format will be "DD-MM-YYYY" by default.
This format is easy to read, but you might prefer a different format or a date format which includes the time. To achieve this, the so-called date format variables have been introduced. For any placeholder which stands for a date, you can use the date format variables.

Which date format variables are available?
In the dialog "Batch rename", you will see all available date format variables when clicking on the "Insert >>" button. They are all listed in the cascaded menu "Date Format variables >". To insert a variable, select the appropriate menu item.

How do I use the date format variables?
As written above, you can use the date format variables with any placeholder returning a date. Instead of simply specifying the placeholder you specify something like <placeholder [date format variable]>.

1. Open the XnView browser to the desired directory where your images are stored.
2. Select the images you wish to rename. Use the CTRL key to select multiple images.
3. Choose "Batch rename" from the Tools menu. (Please note that the "Batch rename" command will not be available unless you have selected one or more images. )
4. Place a checkmark in the checkbox for "Name template." (The field will be unavailable unless you do this.)
5. Type "image-<Date Taken [Y-m-d H.m.S]>" as the name template (no double quotes).
6. As you can see in the "New name" list, your images would be renamed to something like "image-2005-09-02-14.10.22".
7. If desired, click the "Insert >>" button to choose other variables to integrate into your name template.