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MultiPages PDF

Post by Marcio »

Hi, i hope somebody can help me...i read the forum, but i don't found the solution...
There is my code:

string pdf_file = "C:\\test.pdf";
string imagePath = "C:\\TMP\\result.jpg";

GflAx.GflAx oGflAx = new GflAx.GflAx();
oGflAx.EpsDpi = 150;
oGflAx.SaveJPEGQuality = 100;
oGflAx.SaveFormat = GflAx.AX_SaveFormats.AX_JPEG;

where the pdf is a multipage, with a lot off pages, but the result of this process show only the first page of the pdf.
it's any wrong with the command???

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Re: MultiPages PDF

Post by xnview »

JPEG can only save 1 page.
you can use Page to load the page wanted...