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ZipGenius - Freeware

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ZipGenius - Freeware

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ZipGenius is a free software that can compress files in several compressed archive formats, designed to run under any version of Windows®. It is absolutely free, it doesn’t show advertising messages while running, it doesn’t collect uer’s personal data e it doesn’t require any registration in order to use all its features.


ZipGenius is the absolutely free software for Windows® that lets you compress files to almost any kind of archive. ZipGenius supports more than 20 compressed archive formats, including CD/DVD-ROM image files in ISO9660 standard. This is the file compression suite you were searching for: it is free and easy to use, plus it supports more than 20 formats of compressed archives, including RAR, ARJ, ACE, CAB, SQX, documents and the excellent 7-zip. ZipGenius now can precompress executable files going to be added to a ZIP archive through the UPX compressor.


ZipGenius is free and absolutely clean from spyware, adware or viruses.
SoftPedia has verified that ZipGenius is a 100% clean software for Windows and they assigned the "pick" note to their ZipGenius listing.
Posts: 4608
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ZipGenius 6.0 has been released.


[*] The list view now correctly stores columns position, visibility and width.
[*] Flaws reported by Secunia have been completely fixed.
[*] "Store relative path" bug fixed in ZG main application.
[*] Minor bugs removed.


[*] Files were added twice in presence of an existing file in the archive: bug fixed
[*] ZG Suite: setup fixed
[*] ZG Suite: Cutter 4 now installed though direct setup wehn selected (it is now part of ZG SUite setup)
[*] Shortcuts now have custom comments
[*] Minor bugs removed
[*] Now working on Windows 95/NT4-SP6 too. Internet Explorer 4+ required.
[*] Fixed security flaws in ACE archives when extracting extremely long filenames (program aborts extraction and fires a warning message)
[*] Fixed security flaw in UU/XX/MIME Base64 encoded archives when extracting extremely long filenames (program aborts extraction and fires a warning message)
[*] Fixed security flaws in ZIP archives when extracting extremely long filenames (program aborts extraction and fires a warning message) and when Windows Explorer tries to acces the archive to build the related "infotip".
[*] "Brutal+UPX" compression level now available also when modifying EXE (SFX) archive based on ZIP.
[*] Fixed bug that was blocking file compression through wildcards
[*] Fixed access violation error upon shutting down ISO images
[*] Fixed 7-zip compression with recursion through subfolders
[*] Fixed CAB compression with recursion through subfolders
[*] Files visual bug
[*] Fixed files associations during setup
[*] SFX: icon file reference can be stored in option file .SOF
[*] SFX: loading a .SOF file, if icon reference is stored, SFX module icon will be updated
[*] Fixed 7-zip extraction from context menu
[*] "Create & mail archive" (context menu) has been modified in order to create an archive in the TEMP folder, send it via e-mail and delete it after action.
[*] Files list loads faster when file marker is enabled
[*] "-export" command line switch now fully supports the "-Q" option (quiet) to avoid any message
[*] Setup files size decreased by 1 MB
[*]New ZipForge engine: compression performances have been restored.
[*]Fixed .MP3 preview procedure
[*]Fixed extraction by folders from RAR
[*]Fixed extraction by file extensions from RAR
[*]The extraction dialog now tells if the destination drive has enough space left to receive the files being extracted.
[*]Fixed a bug in the style selection popup menu in the Home Panel
[*]Fixed a bug in the deletion procedure for ZIP archives
[*]Now comments can be typed and shown through the "Archive Properties" dialog
[*]Now the MD5 value now can be compared through the "Archive properties" dialog
[*]Now the ZIP signature can be created and shown through the "Archive Properties" dialog
[*]The size of "zipgenius.exe" decreased (four dialogs less than before, icons usage reviewed, 24 bit BMPs converted to 256 colors GIF)
[*]Fixed preview for unknown file types
[*]Fixed access violation error when shutting ZG down while a file is in preview mode (ZG doesn't shut down until the file is released)
[*]Renaming a file now forces the files list to update in order to show proper icon and file type
[*]Added "Rename file" button in the infobar
[*]Fixed bug in "Preview pictures" view mode
[*]The context menu DLL has been patched
[*] Fixed bug in CAB compression options (some settings disabled)
[*] zg.exe writes a registry key that is not required: FIXED
[*] Password must be re-typed while compressing to 7-zip from shell
[*] FTPGenius XP build 1120: the window stores its last position and size
[*] Command Line: placeholders for "-extract" have new form like: [DESKTOP]
[*] Minor bugs fixed
* Fixed "File marker"
* Minor bugs removed
* Cutter 4.5 included, now files can be uploaded to FTP server if FTPGenius is installed.
* Improved buttons on infobar (they appear only in NORMAL mode)
* Fixed bug in Options dialog that caused file dialog to ignore "Initial folder" setting
* Dialogs now can be shut down with the ESC key
* ZipForge engine v2.60 installed
* ZG tries to load partially corrupted files now
* Improved error messages
* Improved RAR extraction performances
* Fixed bugs in sidebar toggle logic
* FTPGenius XP: time left for current action now shown in the progress dialog
* FTPGenius XP: automatic connection speed detection, the speed monitor auto increases its max value
* FTPGenius XP: GUI redesign is now complete
* Bugs in shell extensions have been removed
* Message "Windows XP visual style found: do you want to install it now?" now doesn't appear if a XP theme is found (button on InfoBar added)
* Removed bug that caused the "Add" dialog to appear after pressing CTRL+V in the SFX wizard
* Minor bugs removed
* Read only alert - the "read only archive" message now doesn't appear automatically. Click this button to read it.
* Show archive comment - click this button to read the comment.
* Show ZIP signature - click this button to see the ZIP ZG signature (ZGSign).
* Other bugs fixed
* FTPGenius XP redesigned
* Cutter 4.4 included, with bugfix to split files >2GB (Suite Ed. only)
* Fixed bug in zg.exe that produced corrupt zip files
* Extraction dialog has been optimized (all options in the same window)
* [ZIP] Password confirmation now asked before proceeding to create a protected archive
* [ACE] Fixed bug with password-protected ACE archives
* New home panel with support panel added (4 panels always shown)
* NORMAL/EXPERT layouts have more different settings now
* "First Step Assistant" actions moved to "HOME" button dropdown menu
* [BACKUP] Improved Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird profile backup, with autorestore features
* [7-zip] Extraction procedure deferred to command line module
* [7-zip] Fixed bugs with password-protected archives (see the forum)
* New folder tree view is faster: TVirtualTreeview used
* ZG Themes can be switched from the popup menu in ZipGenius GUI
* [ZIP] Fixed bug that caused "Extract to..." shell context menu command to fail
* [FTPGenius] Build 1.0.1029 - New speed monitor
* Minor tweaks
* Minor bugs fixed
* Fixed bug while asking password for RAR files
* Command line support redesigned - See "Command line.rtf"
* FTPGenius XP
* CONTMENU.DLL updated to support new command line syntax
* Toolbar now supports 32-bit alpha blended skins
* Installed CAKE 2.9
* Options slightly retouched and relocated
* Added experimental ISO CD-Rom image files
* New safety features:
- Preview doesn't execute suspected files unless you have an antivirus software which ZipGenius can call to scan the archive
- More filenames are being considered as suspect files
* Added Unicode support to file list
* Help files go online
* FTPGenius XP
* Major cleanup for CONTMENU.DLL
* High contrast themes for ZG
* Improved CAB support
* The File Marker is back!
* Added "Protect file list" option for 7-zip files compression
* Disk Span function is back :)[/size]