Nvidia HDR JXR Screenshot

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Nvidia HDR JXR Screenshot

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Hello, I been having some problems visualizing screenshots taken using the Nvidia Ansel utility while playing video games. This only occurs when I'm playing the games with HDR settings, where the resulting image looks overexposed/washed out when opened with XnViem MP but looks fine when opened through the widows default "Photos" app https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9WZDNCRFJBH4

I took some photos of my PC screen with my phone to illustrate the problem (taking screenshots with Snipping Tool does not work ok when looking at HDR photos in the Photos App)
Sample (2).jpg
Sample (1).jpg
As you can see in the top the Photos app shows the screenshots as they looked when taken while the bottom XnView look too bright, you can see it in the Neon sign and the mountains don't show at all in XnView. Also the stained glass looks super bright, and the whole scene in general.

What all these screenshots have in common is they were taken in Nvidia Ansel with an HDR enabled game and produced a JXR file, but the driver version varies, the Windows version varies (10 or 11 and multiple builds), the graphics card varies (RTX 3070 and 4080)

Here are 4 samples of screenshots taken at different times, all the screenshots look fine on "Photos" app. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... share_link
(Included them in a drive folder as the forum does not accepts JXR uploads - nor the file sizes of these screenshots)

I'm using Windows 11 Build 22621 and XnView MP 1.4.2 64bits

Also I looked through the forum, particularly found this thread viewtopic.php?f=35&t=42750&hilit=jxr+hdr
But it seems inconclusive, is there a solution or setting already for this? Thanks
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Re: Nvidia HDR JXR Screenshot

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ok, i'll check