Slim down XnView toolbar & infobar

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Slim down XnView toolbar & infobar

Post by Stock »

I've been a happy XnView user for almost 20 years.
Lately, I've been pondering the big switch to Xnview MP, so I've installed them both side by side and spent the weekend trying to configure everything to my liking. This is gonna be a series of my findings, suggestions and bug reports.

MP toolbars take up more vertical space than Classic.
I've taken screenshots of Classic vs MP and stitched them together.
While the album cover fits perfectly in Classic (Zoom = 100%), it needs to be scaled down in MP (Zoom = 99%), because the MP toolbar and MP infobar are taking up more vertical space.
-> to see more details open screenshot in new tab

Classic toolbar: 81 pixels vs MP toolbar: 87 pixels
Classic infobar: 25 pixels vs MP toolbar: 26 pixels
Classic total: 106 pixels vs MP total: 113 pixels

In total, MP is taking up 7 pixels more vertical space than Classic.
-> Could you slim down the MP bars?
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Re: Slim down XnView toolbar & infobar

Post by cday »

I reported something like this in 2020, and there have been several more recent reports, one of which I think may have provided at least a partial fix?
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Re: Slim down XnView toolbar & infobar

Post by alee001 »

In fact, you can drag the toolbar from horizontal to vertical to solve the problem.
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Re: Slim down XnView toolbar & infobar

Post by Stock »

cday wrote: Wed Jan 18, 2023 9:12 pm I reported something like this in 2020, and there have been several more recent reports, one of which I think may have provided at least a partial fix?
Thanks for hint.
I hacked my way around the problem by setting the toolbar to large buttons (this is somewhat counter-intuitive).
and then editing \XnViewMP\UI\toolbar.ini

Code: Select all

My gripe with this workaround is that you need to re-apply the whole thing every time XnviewMP updates.
The MP icons are smaller than the Classic icons now, because MP has to compensate for its larger toolbar and infobar.
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Re: Slim down XnView toolbar & infobar

Post by megetious69 »

im thinking apps need their own resolution settings like screen resolution options 720 was good for little screens of laptops up to a standard 1980p but even 1980 is actualy biger than what tv screens can actualy handle i mean the items apear larger fat and bold vs going higher to the finer ability of a tv screen type monitor just as you could use small icon and and smaller text a standard 40 to 50 inch tv could handel way finer than 1980p but yes apps themselves need to have their resolution scales ...because a 720p type app seting looks fat even on a 1980p screen...
and the bigger the screen the more a 720 just looks crouded with too much blank space vs nice and close tight spaces ,...

so its like five images per whole screen vs 100 images fit on the same screen so ya aint dealing with just thumb scales but app scales to better fit the app to the screen with tight fine lines and finer bars with tiny icons ...

interesting too when you have the option to place an icon anywhere on any open space and set it as a rule for that space and thats like stickers and craft tables where you can do just that place your stickers anywhere on the frame and places for each tool you want and not only to a tool bar....

but you can add new toolbar then drag it to another spot so you could make a new toolbar for each icon but then you still need an option for the size of the tool bars height and width but then your geting back down to what an icon is by itself and if you could drag and drop the icon to any open part of the apps frame then save the apps frame needs to be an option... just as saveing the toobar settings ....

i done it a few different times with differing toolbar selections...
i also found you can install to new locations so in effect each one can be set different ,same app but each opens differently and has their own settings...
this also helps when updateing you can change the update location to a new spot and test if you like the new one vs the old setting ...and then if you dont like the new you can keep useing the old one with your settings
so when you have different install locations for the same app it might help to tag each one with a new icon so you know the difference... but that way you can set each one to deal with a particular processes rather than haveing to change the setings every time or loose your settings for an update. but each one can set the batch feilds you had and upon saveing the setup it remains to that particular seting everytime you open it and have seperate setings to deal with another combo batch so you aint looseing the options you had so its a win win kinda app
and as long as you got the space you could make a thousand or more of the same app in a new folder with its own variation of setings if ya wanted too not because ya need to but because you could or you can just make saves of the setting and only change which save you apply for the one so each time you want certain adjustment open a save setting and run will always have it as you selected in the batch options because of the batch seting saved ...i done it that way for a little bit ...but now just kinda switch the one every time by remembering what i had it dont take long anyways ...
but that way you can also save each layout seperatly if it helps to know which setting you wanted for that lay out ...i generaly use layout 3 then drag preveiw to the other side and add the same main tools to a new bar batch, split, select all,both rotates ,both flips, joins, new folder, move to,then refesh and delete
just an idea low dark purples for telling if images have outlines of black or similar greys or whites its softer on the eyes without glare so you can see details better without blinding gamas
snaps= 6.jpg
i also found imbatch that allows a faster join process but it dont handle tall cuts very well and takes alot of back step to split and trim but resizes smoother with contact sheet set high like 4000p then go back to cut off the edges those was tiney tiney picture increased to a 500p by 2 per 1 contact sheet and it looks smoother than xnveiws resize its just that you gota make sure they are all the same size images and a color thats easy stand out so you can batch crop to the tighter but notice too the various tool bar locations
snaps= 3.jpg
down at the botom is where you save the batch presets but
snaps= 1.jpg
snaps= 2.jpg
are other toolbar locations and i use a 1980p on a 40"tv screen so i can definatly handle smaller details than standard pc resolution settings otherwise it takes an hd tv and makes it seem like an sd resolution and thats why apps look fat lined and fat bars vs hd resolutions where the app spred out and icons get tiny looking on higher resolutions because then your standard numbers differ to a shrunken term ....and yet yes we need more than just a few places to drag the bar and the ability to change their width and height ......or simpler just icon list and able to place anywhere ya want then save the custom layout but thats a few things i noticed in my experience and so far i like mine because it does everything i need and looks better on hd screen resolutions higher than 1000p win 10 at least had higher setting than 1980p on a hisense 50 inch tv for pc monitor it broke on gameing xbox just cuz it got too hot but point is the measures get finer with big screens and better screen settings and thats standard for my house little pc laptop screens are out because its just too small feeling like a giant looking at needle pin sowers trying eat a meal off the piss ants plate...vs being a piss ant on a mega screen with plenty of space to be a piss ant on a biger play ground so we definatly need 4k tvs instead of the standard sd resolutions because those are distant bedroom tvs made for far away ability to see and 4k are for close up monitor type details because close up sitting makes an sd tv look crapy as blocky pixels that you cant avoide wanting to rip the screen out of your window because you can see everything as if its big ass metal wire blocks to count vs a smoother 4k that made for close up sittings as pc monitors where you aint gonna see the blocks or pixels specialy if your expecting and runing 2000p up to 4000p type sizes like they was just piss ant thumbs to zip through and sling around but thats what ya get when ya got people saying the world aint ready for the 4 k and expecting system to run beter on 5g when your able to run better on higher gees cuz your flipan terabites like its nothing on a screen that aint any better than old sd pc with more room to be still be an sd rated resolution vs actual hd rates of resolutions made for fine and close high quality resolutions where 59mp is like a micro portion of a phone screen that you wouldnt even count on a bigger screen cuz its just a tiney corner square of an icon smaller than the windows icon on a 750p resolution for a 1980p type screen and relizing the screen should be counted more like 2 to 3 thousands because at least those apear decently nicely right ...but that aint the standard pc screen options so even the standard 1080p gives you an sd level degrade lower than what your system could veiw so just saying somethings a bit off in resolutional measures and it does good when you can recognize that...because it helps to explain what ya actualy need to acheive the higher resolutions since all plays a part in how the apps sure we definatly need the option to change an apps resolution much like a browsers zoom ability even though the screen resolution might be low sd you should be able to shrink zoom out for the more detail or like youtube vids with little sd 750p rates even though the screen is set to high def rates maybe ya want the app to run at hd rates while your screen is set to sd rates because other things are visable in a standard low resolution made bold but app works closer so ya want the app to be finer totaly get that and totaly agree ....and understanding all those resolution issues makes more questions to what is your screen able to actualy handle and are the screens set to their smallest veiw meaning highest resolution numbers ? so on what size screen and what size setting for the screen then what size of the app settings cuz it always looks different based on the screen setting its self then text and bar settings so choose customize and go smallest and apps get smaller outlines and smaller text and finer bars if ya want smaller than that offers then you need a bigger screen if that aint enough then changeing the apps seems the only fix left if the option apears on every tool bar line as that little one bit line that opens the option pane to drag and stretch back and forth otherwise check all the other resolution options and youll find its generaly sufficiant to makeing the appear finer with the higher resolutions and smallest text .....then your 59 mp looks so small that every icon could fit across the top and still have room for plenty extra ,,so try it that way and see if it helps or get a bigger screen with those finer hd settings chosen and youll see the app was good enough and your screen options probly set too low or you got a small screen with low rezz makeing it look fat but try that first and answer those questions first and if they add it as an extra method then cool....just another way to get there ....

and oh the biger numbers of folders you see in the pictures are resolutions sortings of picture sizes that i have and sorted with picosomos shows which puts the same resolution measures into its own folders definately a help for keeping track of sizes and high quantities in each folder then name divisions for each type helps straighten out the mess and find catagory issues for each size and makes a little smoother than clutter mixed in one ...i just got one of my 8tb drives back that was saying unalocated because well i dont know i ran several apps trying to recover geting little to no where on 3 to four day runs of digging interupted many times then changed ios multiple times and now its back to working as normal and it had over 19 million pictures only leaveing about 3 tera bites open but runing everything in a batch process makes alota junk that wasnt exactly cleaning so that like double over crouding the recycle bin instead of actualy deleting... might have been the reason it wasnt reading right for so long but the point is high resolutions go way larger than sd settings and your app can probly look better with those settings while it still takes a second to several minuts to process heavier quantities but other apps can make the higher resolutions as 7000p and 10,000p as if that was kinda ok dukes up and grunt a turd out then shrug it off with a laff and it starts with joining smaller images after sorting the sizes and snaping strips to the more compressed tighter fit till ya got mass collections in a single picture and heavey resolution means all ya need is a zoom veiw then ya find one bit lines was actualy several bit lines and your app was able to be seen as very tiny in less than a few centameter icons shrunk down to apear as a bit line nearly unvisable while it holds several sentances unvisable until you zoom in so what looks big and fat can look fine when ya zoom out then your measure changes where an inch is counted in a few pixes of dam thats small 10 pixel toolbar apearance with 5 pixel icons to look like a dot that zoomed in looks like 1000 pixels and then you understand that resolution is just zoom levels and your zoomed in too close and need to zoom out further to have more in your toolbar ....and thats if ya got a screen that can go finer to zoom out so far otherwise the app can already handle the heavier resolutions with the right screens i normaly run 32 ram and over 25 terabite storages on a 50 to 40 inch tv at the smallest text bar sizes and highest resolution it curently offers as recomended even though it could be higher but thats optimal for the faster resolution even though its actualy lower than the fuller ability... 720 and 750 res are for the faster performance but lower graphics and closer zooms but if ya want higher detailes you loose performance but everything looks pretty and fine you just run into waits more often and lagging because people think they could run games at sd and do most everything else on only 5 gb lines when they actualy need the extra space to handle terabite lines just because we are multitaskers and wanna keep a game going while watching a movie and while processing a million pictures and runing all those virus scaners and runing an audio track and that not to mention all the background rechecks of microsoft apps or all the others that are rechecking and updateing while ya aint looking but expect all that out of a pin needle dot and your wrong 5g might be decent only for a phone but fuller pc gameing total system package is everything connected and heavey rates and definatly needs 4k rates of data to run smoother resolutions clean enough to do all those things in a blink without the lags the standard is ok when your only runing shows or a single game on a smaller screen or tiney phones and tiny laptops as a comon glance user vs tower beast of big screen multitaskers keeping their system busey with a hundred things runing at once and then youll understand 5g runers dont know what they are talking about unless its only speaking for those smaller devices comon is smaller devices pc multi taskers are middle weight beast and comercial business are monsters and the biger are the giant heads of all the smaller electronics so it helps to know you can run a tower on 5g rates but you actualy need a rate that fits better to what you run and how you run your devices and on top of all that how many devices are runing in the same house on the same line and thats understanding most got kids and tv pc and gameing systems all expected to fit on a single 5g line alone and still pretty wow extreamily fast considering the few lags and lower resolutions and crawling background processes of ten or more heavy standard devices not bad for 5g but your laging when it gets to those heavier rates of multiple device and that effects how your processor behaves waiting for the signal to reach those values so do ya need those 4k rates of resolution? these days? sure if your a beast runner with a loaded house or even an apartment complex runing on one line of a shared system like a hundred neighbors spliting on one internet cable bill which is comon too so helps to know what all is runing on the one line or if your a little laptop phone or tablet kinda user cuz then i doubt ya need anything higher than 5g and the right setting for hd settings out of an sd device cuz i done it off a toshiba laptop to a hisense 60 inch and win 10 that i ran for a few years while the laptop was measure itself was more sd size but i think thats plenty info to get the idea for whatever ya need to actualy fix or change your resolutions ....
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