Tagging images using real tags this time, not marking

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Tagging images using real tags this time, not marking

Post by desbest »

I have a feature request, allowing tags to be added to the metadata of images, in both the IPTC and XMP format?

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Re: Tagging images using real tags this time, not marking

Post by michel038 »

Some file types (like jpg) support embedded IPTC and XMP keywords.
Some other file types don't support iptc, or embedded xmp, so we can use XMP companion files instead.

Two ways to enter keywords :

- First one, only for a few keywords, without possibility to use a database.
Select one (or many) pictures in the browser, Tools>Metadata>Edit IPTC ( or Ctrl i)
In last tab, select mode= IPTC+XMP, then in Keywords tab, enter a keyword in the first field and type enter to add it in the list below. Click "write" or "Write all" button.

-Second way , use the "Categories" tool to manage a database (Catalog) and use filters
Tools>Settings>Metadata. Enable "Export..." , and iptc and xmp options.
Select pictures, add a mark in one category checkbox (in Categories pane)
Release selection

In "Categories filter" pane, you can now see the number of photos having this category.
In Info pane for this photo, look at IPTC and XMP tabs to ensure thet IPTC: KEYWORDS and XMP: dc:subject are present.
Don't worry about the presence of hierarchical keywords.

With categories tool, you can quickly and easily list, add or delete keywords
And with the categories filter, you can do multi-criteria searches on keywords. (see also "match" menu at the top of this pane)

Note :the categories tab of the "Edit iptc" screen has nothing to do with the categories tool.