Consistant Category Spacing

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Consistant Category Spacing

Post by bwmarrin »

This is a minor quality of life improvement.

In the Category Sets tab you can have your own sets, history, suggested, assigned.

When you select an item from your custom sets it changes the font to bold. The side effect is it makes the button a bit larger and then all the category buttons move. Depending on spacing available it can push some categories on to the next line as well.

When trying to click 2+ categories quickly having them move around each time you click one makes the process a bit more tedious because each time they move you have to re-find the next category you wanted. If their positions never moved you could develop a memory habit of exactly where each category was and click them much faster.

Can the size/spacing of the categories be changed so they're the same width rather bold or not? A bit more padding could be added to the non-bold items or the font size changed so it works out to the same button width in pixels. I still think bolding the selected items is great and wouldn't want that part to go away.