Group raw and jpg Files

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Group raw and jpg Files

Post by steffenoly »


im new here and i am looking for a answer.
Is it possible to group RAW an JPG Files as one picture.
And if there so - can i switch the Picture wich is in the Front of the Picturebrowser?

So i hope you unterstand my "English" :D .

LG Steffen
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Re: Group raw and jpg Files

Post by xnview »

you can use companion file settings
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Re: Group raw and jpg Files

Post by steffenoly »

Thank you for Your answer.

I have tried it by the companien Files - this was not sucessful.
(It ist Possible that i dont understand this.)

But i have build a costum Filter. This one excluded the raw files - and its realy good.
With the companien Files i have aktivated the Possibility to move and ore delete companien Files - and there i have inluded the raw Files.
So i can handel the jpg Files synchron to the raw Files.

For the Costum Filter there is it not possible to make a shortcut. I Thing this is right - but this would be very fine :-)

So best Wishes - and Tank You for Your very fine Software!
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Re: Group raw and jpg Files

Post by Mariusz256 »

I also tried this companion files feature (which is not documented much but I tried to guess what's it for) and I'm not getting what I wish I would.

When I rename my raw file (.dng extension) the the .jpg file is renamed but renaming .jpg doesn't rename .dng file. I think this files should be "linked" together so rename, move/copy/delete on any file should affects the other one.

I also wish than when you browse images (I mean the image is opened in XnView) then the raw files should not be displayed. For example when there is a image1.jpg and image1.dng then when .jpg file is opened in XnView and I want to see previous or next file then raw files (.dng in this case) should be skipped if they have corresponding .jpg file.

It would be super valuable for quick culling of images. Right now I use digiKam and its "group by filename" feature for it, but XnView has much better UX and work generally faster when viewing images. So having this "group raw and jpg" feature (or improved "companion files") would be a great addition.

I attached my setting for "companion files"
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