Convert from JPEG to JPEG-XL "transcode", like cjxl.exe .

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Convert from JPEG to JPEG-XL "transcode", like cjxl.exe .

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The command line too CJXL does, when the source it a jpeg, TRANSCODE the destination .jxl. At least when using lossless (-d 0). Which gives me the guarantee that the destination will give me bit-exact the same view as the original, just using about 15% to 25% less space. And it is faster than full encoding, like when the source is .PNG.
Will XnView include that specific part of CJXL, as long as there is no action selected when using conversion?
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Re: Convert from JPEG to JPEG-XL "transcode", like cjxl.exe .

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A JPEG to JPEG-XL transcoding function would be nice for future releases of XnViewMP.
Actually the JPEG-XL encoder (version 0.6.x) is in an early (!) stage.
It does not have all functions of the final release.
So there are many features, you know from jpeg, which are currently not available.

For my JPEG to JPEG-XL conversions I use the JPEG-XL encoder in my picture directories and wrote a small Windows Batch file, to convert all pictures within this directory. It does not encode subdirectories!
I can give you the sourcecode of the cmd file to try it.
Use a text editor and save the following code in a .cmd file. You can copy the .cmd file together with the cjxl.exe (JPEG XL encoder) within your jpeg picture directory. It creates a new subfolder 'conversion' in your jpeg folder and use it for the transcoded jpeg xl pictures. So you can later check, if everything is alright. The '-e 9' stands for the highest transcoding compression level. It uses much time. If it is to slow for your computer, you can use '-e 8' instead. A build of the jpeg xl encoder you can find here:

Code: Select all

MD Conversion
for %%f in ("*.jpg") do (
cjxl.exe "%%~nf.jpg" "Conversion\%%~nf.jxl" -e 9
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