Converting cr2 to png turn them redish

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Converting cr2 to png turn them redish

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I've taken photos of the moon with my Canon 1000D so the output files are in CR2. I want to convert them to png but converting them with NConvert turn them redish.

I use this command :

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nconvert -o %.png -out png -clevel 0 "C:\path\to\images\*.cr2"
I think it's linked to the fact that my original files are 48bit and the converted ones are 24bit. I've tried with"-org_depth" but it does not change anything.

Here is the two images :

Before converting ... sp=sharing

After convering ... sp=sharing

Sorry for the google drive links, I don't know where I can upload them except there.

Can someone help me ?

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Re: Converting cr2 to png turn them redish

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Welcome to the forum, gr0s.

Please add…

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-raw_autobalance -raw_camerabalance -raw_autobright
… to the mix.