thumbs.db questions and/or suggestions

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thumbs.db questions and/or suggestions

Post by mrwul » Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:38 am

Yes, I know, a lot has been written about thumbs.db ... (or thumb.db in case of XnViewMP)

I have a few specific questions though that I can't find an answer on.
It seems that one can view the thumbs.db (thumb.db) with some viewers.

I don't know if that is also the case with the .db of XnViewMP.
Q1: Tried Thumbs Viewer but it would not work, may other tools will work??

Q2: Is it possible to specify drives that should be EXCluded, meaning when an image is opened there, it will not be added to thumb.db ?

or, alternatively
Is it possible to specify folders that should be included in the thumb.db with the effect that any other folder will thus not be included.
e.g. in basepart of your pictures: X:\JPG; X:\Photos; X:\Photoprojects
If an image is opened by XnView that is not located within these folders, then thumb.db is not updated.



when rebuilding catalog entries - it takes a verrry long time (probably a hang) on a .mp4 that resides within the folder that is being processed by XnViewMP. How to have XnView skip video files?
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