0.93.1: Linux - Full screen never uses primary monitor

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0.93.1: Linux - Full screen never uses primary monitor

Post by Domarius » Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:09 pm

XnView: MP 0.93.1 64bits (Mar 7 2019)
OS: MX Linux 64bit

Full screen always opens on my 2nd monitor. Possibly restricted to MX Linux or similar.


No matter how I trigger full screen, it always opens up on my secondary monitor. Regardless of if "Dual monitor" is checked in the settings, and regardless of if the Browser is on the primary or secondary monitor.

I can cause a full screen on the primary monitor by first having the Browser window on the Primary monitor, then opening the picture in a viewer tab, then triggering full screen. But this is only to help identify the problem. It's not useful for me because it's an extra step, and still doesn't make use of my dual monitor setup.

To reproduce:
(May not happen on other OSes, eg. Ubuntu, as I don't remember having this issue on Ubuntu)
1. Position Browser window on Primary or Secondary monitor.
2. Toggle Fullscreen with F11
Actual behaviour (bug): Image appears on secondary monitor, regardless of dual monitor setting, or location of Browser.

Expected behaviour: Full screen image should appear on the opposite monitor that the browser is on, as it does in MS Windows.

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