Zoom 100% is incorrect on secondary display

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Zoom 100% is incorrect on secondary display

Post by thany2 » Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:08 pm

I've got two displays:
1) Laptop internal screen, a 15" 4K scaled to 250%
2) External 28" 2.5K ultrawide, scaled to 100%

When XN starts on the internal monitor by doubleclicking an image, the image is scaled pixel-to-pixel with the screen. That means a screenshot of a "normal" monitors appears to be 2.5x smaller. This is expected behaviour, and very much desired when watching actual photographs.

When XN is then dragged to my external monitor, the loaded picture remains the same physical size, AND the zoom factor remains at 100%. Effectively it is zoomed out to 40% (100% / 2.5) while it reports a zoom factor of 100%. Even when XN starts on the external monitor, the zoom factor is still always off by a factor of 2.5.

In short: XnView's own zoom factor is dependend on the OS scaling factor of the *primary* monitor, even when XnView is not on that monitor.

Expected: XnView's own scaling factor should always be pixel-to-pixel with the monitor it is currenty running on, not with the primary monitor.
Using XnView 2.13 on Windows 7 x64

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