Minor bug list - folders/folder thumbnails

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Minor bug list - folders/folder thumbnails

Postby xiofen » Fri May 26, 2017 4:44 pm

1. (In details view) When an image is cut (CTRL-X) and then pasted onto a (selected/highlighted) folder the location is ignored and instead the image is pasted into the next folder above in the tree. Drag and drop works as expected, as does drag-drop or cut-paste from details view to folder pane.

2 (In details view, viewed as thumbnails, with 4x images per folder thumb) When moving images between folders with the same parent folder - folder thumbnails are not always updated on cut-paste from one folder to another. Erratic - could not reproduced always

3. Sorting (Missing feature/usability?, intended behaviour??) In folder-tree view folders are sorted by name, however in same pane, favorites tab view folders are sorted by name (non-numeric) - changing sort order does not appear to affect these.

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