New Bug handling / Where is my bug report?!

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New Bug handling / Where is my bug report?!

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Where is my bug report?
We use this XnView forum for reporting and tracking bugs: For each status of a bug there is a sub-forum and your bug report will "wander" through these sub-forums.
You'll find all your posted topics and bugs in Image User Control Panel » Show your posts.

It's a long way from a bug report to the XnView release with the appropriate bug fix. Please help us to cut this long way short:

Please make handling your problem easy:
Development of XnView and handling all suggestions and bug reports is quite some effort.
• Please use the bug report template when reporting a new bug. A detailed, clear and complete bug reports makes everyone's life easier.
• Please retest all bugs that you've reported a longer time ago with the latest version of XnView MP. If your problem has been resolved, please let us know by posting in the appropriate bug report.

You can support the XnView development even more:
• You can try to reproduce other users' reported bugs and confirm these. You'll find new bug reports in MP - Bug reports » New/All Reported
• You can retest bug fixes of problem from other users and confirm the bug fix. You'll find bug fixes that require retesting in MP - Bug reports » Retest

Thank you very much in advance for your support and best regards,