Xnview MP Dark UI Enhancement

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Re: Xnview MP Dark UI Enhancement

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XnTriq wrote:@Pierre: Can you make the border “styleable” by setting QTabBar::drawBase() to false?
Hello, any new luck removing that border base line produced by QTabBar? I'm trying to disable the drawBase feature in style sheet by

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    qproperty-drawBase: 0; 
    qproperty-movable: 0;
But alas the vertical tabs are still rendered with the base line :( The qproperty-drawBase seems to work only for the file tabs, while disabling movable (qproperty-movable) works everywhere. If only we could somehow change color of that evil base line or overlap it, because it has very light color and looks distracting in my dark theme.
Miki Proxima (meshlogic)