How can I switch on-screen language?

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How can I switch on-screen language?

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I have the xnview 1.97 and it's in english and my english is bad, i would like to put it in french , i looked in view, options but there is no language so please can somebody help me and tell m how to put Xnview in french
i downloaded the french version but when i clicked on the software it's in english

thanks for the answers
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Re: About translating the On-screen texts

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:) Hello ! Welcome aboard !

• That isn't the right section to post that question. Well, you have to open the Options >> Interface >> Language [........] and set French in the scrolling list. Or press directly ALT+F12 n… times till you get the interface in French…
¤ Ce n'est pas vraiment la bonne section pour poster cette question. Bon, ouvrez les Options >> Interface >> Language [........] et choisissez Français… dans la liste déroulante sise just en haut de la page…
…ou appuyez directement sur ALT+F12 n… fois jusqu'à obtenir l'interface en “Français” :|
Au fait : il y a une section “Français” dans ce forum, valable pour tous les sujets…

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Re: About translating the On-screen texts

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