XnView in Ubuntu 12.04

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XnView in Ubuntu 12.04

Post by Miykel »

G'Day; I'm trying to install xnview in ubuntu 12.04, followed the procedure in this post;

[http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=18968 ]

But when I run the last command I get this ;
[miykel@miykel-H61M-USB3-B3:~/Desktop$ ./install-xnviewmp -a
> Using automatic configuration
> Creating folders
> Creating post install script
> Creating xnview startup script
> Creating applications menu entry
> Extracting xnviewmp
> Renaming xnviewmp folder
> Checking system architecture
> 64-bit OS detected
> Checking binary architecture
> 32-bit binary detected
> Calculating package size
> Creating control file
> Making files executable
> Building package
dpkg-deb: building package `xnviewmp' in `/home/miykel/Desktop/xnviewmp.deb'.
> Installing package - Enter password when prompted
sudo: gdebi: command not found
miykel@miykel-H61M-USB3-B3:~/Desktop$ ]

Can some one help please ??
Regards Miykel
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Re: XnView in Ubuntu 12.04

Post by marsh »

gdebi appears not to be installed in your OS by default. The "universe" section may need to be enabled in your /etc/apt/sources.list for it to become available in software listing (this wasn't necessary on live-cd).
Try "sudo apt-get update" before following steps in that topic.
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Re: XnView in Ubuntu 12.04

Post by mahdif62 »

Add the Getdeb repo and you'll be able to install it from Software Center.