GFL_FILE_INFORMATION.ExtraInfos / gflGetExtraInfos

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GFL_FILE_INFORMATION.ExtraInfos / gflGetExtraInfos

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I just implemented gflGetExtraInfosCount and gflGetExtraInfos to be used upon GFL_FILE_INFORMATION.ExtraInfos.

The first function should give me the amount of extra infos available. However, when I call it handing over a GFL_FILE_INFORMATION struct it raises an Access Violation. So I now do check if the ExtraInfos-member is NULL.

So far I haven't encountered a file where this is non-NULL - and yes: I'm loading the file (amongst other flags) with GFL_LOAD_READ_ALL_COMMENT. So... can anyone give me an example picture and/or possible data that could await me then via gflGetExtraInfos?

Thx :)
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Re: GFL_FILE_INFORMATION.ExtraInfos / gflGetExtraInfos

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You can check on TIFF file