OS - Some Distributions for old computers

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OS - Some Distributions for old computers

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Some Linux Distributions for old computers, from 486 to Pentium III or so (OS)
Full list (fr): http://www.guides-info.org/linux/distribs/leger.php

Slitaz: http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=slitaz
(get-xnviewmp is avalable into this distrib)

DeLi Linux:
http://www.delilinux.org/wiki/doku.php? ... tion:cdrom
first steps to do after DeLi Linux is installed:
http://www.delilinux.org/wiki/doku.php? ... firststeps

--------------In French --------------------------------------
Autres distrib. légères:
Liste compléte: http://www.guides-info.org/linux/distribs/leger.php

Slitaz: http://www.quebecos.com/modules/news/ar ... oryid=3570
(get-xnviewmp est disponible dans la distribution)

DeLi Linux: http://www.delilinux.de/index.html
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