FEATURE REQUEST - Cropping enhancements

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FEATURE REQUEST - Cropping enhancements

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In appreciation of the fact that XnView is such a cool app (and free on top of it), i would like to offer the following ideas to even further improve it:
  1. Proportional cropping - Thanks to cameras of new PPCs being released with increasingly higher resolution, the opportunity for cropping without loss of image quality is also improving. It would be great therefore to be able to "extract" several perspectives from a single original photo, each of which sub-photo is similar in proportion to the original. Perhaps the best way to enable this is a new checkbox option in the cropping dialog to "Lock ratio". So that when the user alters the height of the cropping mask, the width will automatically alter according to the current proportion (and vice versa).
  2. Swap width and height - Building on the above new feature, it would be useful to further select say a landscape sub-photo from a portrait original (or vice versa). This can be achieved by a new button on the cropping dialog, which will simply swap the width and height values and update the display of the cropping mask.
  3. Canvas zoom - The attached screen dump, SpbScreen07_50.jpg, shows that the canvas area (the dark grey rectangle containing the photo) is not fully utilised on WVGA displays, and that cropping is compromised by having a tiny area to work with. It would therefore be extremely useful to be able to zoom in on an area of the photo in order to specify the cropping mask. If this is not possible, then please consider at least an automatic rescaling of the image in such a way that use of the the canvas area is maximised.
Thanks again for a great product!!
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