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Re: Hotkeys / Shortcuts Requests

Post by Dreamer »

budz45 wrote:Ctrl+T - could open a new empty tab (XnView MP)
Ctrl+W - could close a tab (XnView MP)

.. Just an idea
I agree, there might be a conflict with tag, but it's not very convenient to use two keys to tag/untag and there are other hotkeys for that, so I still agree.
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Jump to previous/next subfolder; timer; image number

Post by ijin »

First of all, this is a awesome program and I want to thank the developers for purring all their time and afford in it. Great job!

This program has a lot of useful tools but there are three tools that should be added to the program.

First, since this program can browse images through multiple sub-folders it would be very nice to have a hotkey to jump to the first file in the next sub-folder (or last file in the previous sub-folder).
Here is why. Imagine that you've made a slide show from your "../old_to_sort/pics/Awesome_photos/" folder. Relaxing music, peaceful pictures,.. Life is good until you get to "../old_to_sort/pics/Awesome_photos/more/ugly/scary_photos" folder. What options do we have at this point? Keep holding "next image" would work if there are only a few photos there. This is a bad strategy if you hit "../old_to_sort/pics/Awesome_photos/more/ugly/Offended_-_Encyclopedia_Dramatica/"
You can also quit the slideshow, exclude sets that you don't like and start the slideshow again (this is cool, but is quite laborious). This is also not an option if you show your photos to other people (yep "check your presentation before you show it to others". I agree. Yet, thats life and stuff happens). The best hit is the "jump to a random file" option, yet, it doesn't replace "jump to next sub-directory" functionality.
Having a shortcut for "skip all files in parent directory" (say ctrl+skip_folder_hotkey ) that skips all files in "../old_to_sort/pics/Awesome_photos/more/ugly/" folder would be very handy.

Second, it would be very nice to choose between two slow and fast browsing. Program jumps to next file after n milliseconds while one holds Page Down key. Program jumps to next file with no delay while one holds ctrl+Page Down keys. One can also jump to next image immediately by releasing and pressing Page Down key. Right now I can set max duration before picture changes (slideshow). I can increase the minimum duration by changing the keyboard sped settings, but there is no good way to switch between fastest browsing (irrelevant pictures), mid speed browsing (pictures are nice) and slow browsing (if I want to look at this picture closely).

Third, it would be nice to have a shortcut for "jump n=<instant user input> images forward/backward". The number can be entered by dialing number on numpad with numlock is on.

These features shouldn't be too difficult to implement, but they would greatly improve control over browsing.

Again thank you for this great program!
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Post by r28 »

It would be great to be able to just load something like "acdsee.keys" as an alternative to "default.keys" for a quick and smooth transition. Perhaps someone has already managed to do it in some way, any ideas?