Contact sheet filename in two lines

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Contact sheet filename in two lines

Post by balito »

I'm creating a contact sheet with several images that have long filenames (description of themselves), which must be completely shown.
Everytime I try to create them, the filename is cut off at the end of the first line, showing "...".
Is there a way to show the filename in two or more lines underneath the image?

thanks for your answers.
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Re: Contact sheet filename in two lines

Post by JohnFredC »

Perhaps an improvement to label behavior would be to allow the user to select a "control character" that would cause XnView to wrap the filename at a specific point.

For instance, if the "control character" was defined to be "-", then the following behavior would occur:

  • This is a-very long-filename.jpg
Label display:
  • This is a
    very long
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Re: Contact sheet filename in two lines

Post by VegasCameraGuy »

Any movement on this suggestion? When I print a contact sheet it would be nice to have the filename wrap on multiple lines to keep the long filenames from running into each other. I typically only care about the filename and it would be fine to have it wrap over several lines or just be truncated if wrapping is too difficult to accomplish.