BUG: gflSaveBitmapW

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BUG: gflSaveBitmapW

Post by iycgtptyarvg »

I just converted from 3.11 to 3.40 and noticed a bug in one of the header files.
It declares the first parameter of the gflSaveBitmapW function as wchar_t *pwcFile instead of const wchar_t *pwcFile.

The problem is either one of two:

You made a typo, and now we have to do an ugly cast to (wchar_t *).

You didn't make a typo, and you actually ALTER the parameter. This would be disastrous for me because then you don't know how many bytes the buffer is. So, I REALLY hope it was a typo.

Please correct this, or at least tell us why this bug is in there.
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Re: BUG: gflSaveBitmapW

Post by xnview »

it's a const if you don't use GFL_SAVE_WANT_FILENAME