xnview in linux with Wine

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xnview in linux with Wine

Post by fotocomics »

I know there is a xnviewMP project going on, but if i am not wrong, XnviewMP under linux will not suppport 8bf (photoshop) plugins

Luckily xnview seems working smootly under wine, install doesn't require anything more that right click on the installer exe file, enter in propriety and check there the "allow to run as program" box .....and then click again to start the installer as usual

In 3 mounths (of intense use ) never crashed
only thing that freeze xnview in Linux was "send as mail"
...but that is obvious, that would require outlook
(yes i pushed once by mistake, the mouse was broken and the touchpad too sensible )

Tested on Ubuntu and Kubuntu 10.04
other friends tested for same reasons (no other apps including gimp can use PS filters with no issues in linux) on other linux flavours, nobody found problems

...well except the stripped alpha channel when copy and paste
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Re: xnview in linux with Wine

Post by xndowny »

I also installed it under wine - but on opening a folder with a lot of images it froze the computer and I had to re-boot. I didn't get the same problem with the MP version, BUT on the other hand I can send photos to an external image editor with the windows version (via right click menu) but I cant do this with the native Linux (mp) version !
After more testing - Yes I prefer running the windows version under wine - have removed the linux version