XnViewMP beta 0.26

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XnViewMP beta 0.26

Post by akahige »

Just installed .26 on Mac OS 10.6.4. Seems to work pretty well. No crashes so far. I did notice a few anomalies that I wanted to post since I didn't see anyone else mention them:

1) If I browse to any sort of mounted drive -- network, CD, or external hard drive -- via the tree pane, rolling the arrows to open nested directories, MP works fine. However, as soon as I try to navigate into a directory by clicking into it in the thumbnail panel, instead of opening the selected directory, MP jumps to the root folder of the local hard drive. And if you're in a mounted drive and you close MP, if it's set to open the last used directory, MP chokes and jumps back to the root of the local drive.

2) The scrollwheel pref to move from one file to the next (instead of zooming), only works in the preview window. In the browser window it still zooms.

3) Hiding the Info pane doesn't work in Filmstrip views. (And fiddling with the various window sizes kills the preview display.)

Hope this helps.