how to use?

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how to use?

Post by trog »

I had an older version for mac about 2 years ago. It had many buttonsk. These led to menus and panes with choices for image proceesing. there was a button in the toolbar called 'convert'. clicking it opened an image processing panel.

I don't see any of this. all i can find is a jpeg panel when I click the 'capture' button.

How do i access the image processing panes and buttons?
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Re: how to use?

Post by helmut »

trog wrote:I had an older version for mac about 2 years ago. ...
I assume that you had been using XnView for U*nix which was running under Motif, and now you are using XnView MP, right?

XnView MP 0.21 is a test version still under development and in many areas still incomplete. The batch conversion which you are looking for will be available in menu "Tools > Batch Processing", but in the test versions currently available this is not provided, yet.