MP 0.21 Win

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MP 0.21 Win

Post by nerbrume »

Not sure this classifies as a bug, but I can't understand the behavior of the middle-click button. I'v tried fiddling with the options, but I can't find the old behaviour I was used to :

In view mode : middle-click makes you switch between full-screen and normal view, and double click takes you to the explorer mode.

In explorer view : double-click takes you to the view mode, using the last used "screen-mode" (ie, full-screen or normal view).

Am I missing something, or is this behavior unavailable ?
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Re: MP 0.21 Win

Post by marsh »

Which Options... General>keyboard/mouse>"switching mode" has problem?
(the old behaviour should be available)
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Re: MP 0.21 Win

Post by JohnFredC »

Apparently not all of the middle-mouse-button behaviors in 1.9x have been implemented yet in MP.

Here is a list of unimplemented short-cuts.

For instance, middle-click on a thumbnail does nothing on my system. (WinXP SP3)
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Re: MP 0.21 Win

Post by oops66 »

JohnFredC wrote:...For instance, middle-click on a thumbnail does nothing on my system.
For information: middle mouse click on a thumbnail (or in preview) works here with the MP linux 0.21 version
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