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XnView on flickr

Post by XnTriq »

A full-text search for the term “xnview” on flickr reveals that there's a group dedicated to yer all's favorite graphics viewer.
Currently it has 117 members and a pool of 433 items.
About XnView-ed wrote:It's a place to post images edited, modified or transformed using the FREE XnView program! It's available for use with a wide array of operating systems (including Mac and Linux...wow!)

It's EASY! Alls you gotta do is download the program, install it and run your images through the program (apply filters, adjust colors, etc.), and then post them in the group.

PLEASE include a description of what you did and how you did it with the aforementioned program, available using the link above, or below. I suppose a tag such as "xnview" wouldn't hurt, either.

“<5s” get to be “>5s” when you add more than 5 images to the group pool (just drop any group administrator a note when you do).


P.S. The group is in no way affiliated or related with or to the XnView program creator(s). It was created as a way to appreciate their effort and generosity and to let more people to know about this program/project. 'Nuff said!
A few examples of jazamarripae's (group admin) photos tagged with “xnview”:
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Post by helmut »

Interesting to see what people do with their images and XnView... Thank you for the links, XnTriq! :-)