Does XnView support graphic format .xyz?

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Does XnView support graphic format .xyz?

Post by helmut »

The graphic viewer XnView is known to support many graphic formats, including vector formats and exotic formats. All in all XnView can read about 400 graphic formats. Still, there's even more formats out there, which are not supported by XnView, yet. You might wonder whether "your" graphic format is supported and might want to know even before installing XnView.

Below please find a description of what you can do to find out if your graphic format is supported by XnView.

List of formats
On the XnView webpage, there is a list with all supported formats. After opening the list of formats in your webbrowser, you can either search the list manually, or search the list using the text search capability of your web browser. I recommend to search for the extension, first. If you cannot find it you can do another text search for the name of the application or computer system your graphic file was created (e.g. Lotus, C64, Amiga, ...).

If you didn't find your graphic format in the list, it's likely that XnView does not support it. Sure enough, you will still wonder which graphic program could be used for opening...

There's various options:

a.) Search the XnView forum
You can use the 'Search' of this forum and try to find out, whether somebody has asked for support of this graphic format, already. It is likely.

b.) Try out XnView
By default, during installation of XnView only very little changes are made to the Windows system. So you could simply install XnView and try out whether your graphic files are displayed in the XnView browser.
XnView has built-in support for reading and writing many graphic formats. For some formats, plug-ins are needed. If you think that your format is exotic make sure to have a look in FAQ "Let's talk about Plug-Ins" for more details.

c.) Use Original graphic program
If you still have the original program that you have created or edited the graphics with, you should start it and see if it allows for saving the graphics in a more common and known format.

d.) Search the net and special info pages
You could search the internet for info on your graphic format. For this, you can use any search engine (e.g. google) or visit webpages specialized on file extensions: is a good info base for file formats.

e.) Post a request in the XnView forum
Pierre, the author of XnView, keeps adding additional graphic formats to XnView and is interested in graphic formats.
If you think your graphic format is important and has some community behind it, you should definitely place a request in the newsgroups, here.
The same applies if none of the previous steps was successful. Please provide as much as information about the image format as possible. E.g.
- Which application(s) generates this format?
- Which application(s) can read this format?
- What's the usage of the format?
- Is the format a vector or a raster (bitmap) format?
Be prepared that you will be asked for a sample image.
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Post by marsh »

When trying Xnview, note the following option:
  • General>Startup>[ ]Use all formats available
    • The most popular 150 file types out of about 500 available will be used when this option is off (the recommended default setting).
    • When enabled, extra file types will also appear in 'supported formats list' in program's menu.
  • Option has been relocated in v.1.9+ series
    • General>Operations tab>[ ]Display all image file types.
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Post by helmut »

marsh wrote:When trying Xnview, note the following option:
  • General>Startup>[ ]Use all formats available
Activating the above checkbox is really essential for those people who want to see and use all formats supported by XnView. In XnView 1.92 the checkbox is labelled "Display all image file types".
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Re: Does XnView support graphic format .xyz?

Post by cday »

In XnView MP the setting is:

Tools > Settings > General > General tab -- Show all graphic formats