List of images with flash

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List of images with flash

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I realized that the flash used gives too low color temperature. I would like to correct this by having all the images listed where the flash was used. However, only with two Lumix cameras, but also in subdirectories, since I have already sorted the images.

One possibility would be to create a column in the "Details" display that shows the EXIF entry Flash. I have seen that I can configure the columns, but an entry for the flash is not there. Is it possible to configure the columns like this. Can I also show subdirectories in the details list?

The other possibility would be to add a condition in the search like EXIF:Fash (fired, on). But I can only select predefined conditions there and this one is not there. Because it contains the same entries as in the columns of the details display, maybe there is a global file that is editable. Is there a possibility?