Converting JP2 file fails with 'Isn't an image'

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Converting JP2 file fails with 'Isn't an image'

Post by ggp55 »

Good morning
I need to open a JP2 file. I upload the file, I ask for an output file in PNG format and without making any further settings I start the conversion.
After 13 seconds it signals the error and the message " it is not an image " appears at the end of the file.
It is actually a 350 Mb map. How should I do ? Can you help me ?
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Re: Isn't image

Post by cday »

Are you using XnConvert 32-bit or 64-bit? Opening images with very large pixel dimensions may require more RAM than can be addressed by 32-bit software, no problem for 64-bit software.

If you have XnView MP, are you able to open the image in that, without trying to save it as a PNG?