How to switch to using a portable version?

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Re: How to switch to using a portable version?

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I understand your use case and it makes sense but they can't really bill an app as portable if it doesn't meet the industry definition of portable. Perhaps they could include a tool that you could use to take a snapshot of existing file associations, set file associations to xnview, then later restore file associations to the snapshot so that it could leave the OS exactly how it found it.
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Re: How to switch to using a portable version?

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The Electro Machine wrote: Mon Apr 24, 2023 12:34 pm [...]
to make this MO really work while also utilizing the 500 file-formats capability of XnView- a big REG file would be needed, which with just two clicks would associate different formats with portable version of XnView
I tried using

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Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

but it did nohing

I have associated manually [via right click context menu] JPEGs with my portable version and tried finding this association within Registry using Registry itself and few free tools by NirSoft, but failed at this task

Then I tried adding for JPGs [i.e. without E] this hack

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"Content Type"="image/jpg"

@="\"C:\\My-Portables\\XnViewMP\\xnviewmp.exe\" \"%1\""
but even after reset of system JPG files are still opening in the installed version and not in the portable one

Then I read this viewtopic.php?p=186546#p186551 and came to the conclusion that apparently writing a proper REG for this automatic association of various formats to portable version is either impossible or too complex