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Launching X11 before xnview ?

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having the same difficulty laun ching XnView, except I don't know how to laucnh X11 beforehand (I've recently switched from my old G3 in 9.1 to a G5 with 10.4.2 ) : can someone explain me, and is this necessary to launch X11 first ?

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Hi, small update here;

Yesterday I've got my "new" ibook-G4-1Ghz, sold to me by a friend, and I instantly installed a fresh copy with Panther 10.3.9 on it, with all updates and patches available.
First program I installed on it was, of course, Xnview.
Guess What?
First time I launched it, the program was there instantly, and even the symbol in the dock stayed activated (menue and all).
Curiously I quitted Xnview right away, without doing anything, and launched it again.
Surprise, surprise: It took only a few seconds or so to start, and the dockicon quitted right away (as described above in this thread).

But on my MacMini with Tiger installed it still needs a minute or so to launch...

@Pierre: Could it be a problem with the preference file, perhaps?

On my englisch Tiger 10.4.6 (MacMini-G4) org.pierr.XnView.plist includes (only): bplist00Ñ_ApplicationCrashedAfterRelaunch-/

On my german Panther 10.3.9 (ibokk-G4) there is no (!) org.pierr.XnView.plist file to be found at all... :?