Batch convert - rework UI

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Batch convert - rework UI

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XnView MP 1.4.0 64bits
Windows 64bit (22H2), display resolution 3840x2160, win scaling 150%

Batch convert - rework UI
  • replace tabs with list
    or table that allows to split data into columns to represent it in more pleasant way
  • move Settings from tab to button
    it can be cog icon in top-right corner ot Settings button in the bottom
  • Input - replace 'View as' radio buttons with single button (same as in Browser mode)
  • misc
    - move 'Hot folders process files' checkbox from Settings to Input
    - move 'After Conversion' group to Settings
    - move 'Use multiple CPU cores from Output to Settings'
    - slightly reshuffle Preview icons (prev/next file, zoom) in Actions

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Re: Batch convert - rework UI

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Why? I like the tabs. It's how all the Settings are laid out.

What View button in browser? All I see is a popup menu from View as> item in View menu.
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Re: Batch convert - rework UI

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for me, tabs are better