XnView Classic Adobe InDesign file thumbnails became blank

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XnView Classic Adobe InDesign file thumbnails became blank

Post by saint_wolf »

Good day!

I've been a user of XnView Classic since its early versions. But this is the first time I've encountered this bug.

Recently, I upgraded my Adobe InDesign to the latest version (Adobe InDesign 2023 version 18.0). I did a full uninstall and installed a fresh copy.
After which, I notice that all my .INDD files in XnView Classic became just blank thumbnails (please see attached file).

The other Adobe InDesign-related files are showing the correct thumbnails, except for the .INDD files.

I already did a uninstall & reinstall of the Adobe InDesign app, and nothing happened.
I've also checked the Windows 10 Default App settings and the .INDD files are set to be opened by Adobe InDesign.

I'm also running the latest Windows 10 (21H2) and XnView Classic (2.51.1) versions.
When using Windows Explorer, the .INDD files shows the correct icon / thumbnail.
The .INDD files also opens using the Associated Program (Adobe InDesign 2023) when using XnView Classic browser.

I just want XnView Classic to show the correct thumbnail for .INDD files like before, instead of the blank thumbnail.

Hope you can help.

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Re: XnView Classic Adobe InDesign file thumbnails became blank

Post by xnview »

.indd is not supported by XnView, so you had an extension that get a thumbnail