suggestion: auto convert

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suggestion: auto convert

Post by ziotean »

I have lots of file, from phone, camera, and internet, mixed up.
I want move them to seperate folders, and archive.

Work flow
(1) select by:
whether exif exists (and what kind of device), to detect camera or phone photo.
image size and aspect ratio ,to detect screen snapshot or photogragh (both from photo), downloaded painting picture or emjo/icon
(2) ajust and compress:
first and the most important: keep orginal canvas size
may :
change dpi (to print)
try to convert file format (lossless, to get higher compression),
delete conrespond raw(for special folder), keep only jpg.
(3) rename
by ……

(1) select by ……, include subfolders.
(2) try convert, if some result is not ok, then rollback and keep original file . otherwise, do convert and delete original file
(3) auto rename when extract multiple pages file (ex, from tiff to jpg), rename as (pic_001,pic_002) not (pic, pic_1,pic_2 …… pic_9, pic_10)
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Re: suggestion: auto convert

Post by xnview »

do you have tried 'hot folder'?