XnView MP 1.0.0

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Re: XnView MP 1.00

Post by Foxyrick »

Congratulations on v1.00, and thank you for the best image viewer on the market!
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Re: XnView MP 1.00

Post by Litr »

GG! This is a very nice achievement!
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Re: XnView MP 1.00

Post by B.Douille »

Félicitations pour cette étape pleine de symboles. En encore merci Pierre pour cet outil :)
Daniel, promoting XnView since 2004, moved to MP (exclusively) years ago (Platform Windows and Linux Ubuntu)
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Re: XnView MP 1.00

Post by helmut »

I'm not sure how Pierre, the one and only author and developer of XnView (aka xnview), feels but I find it really great to read all the positive feedback for XnView MP both from long term users and new users! :) Thank you for using XnView MP, your motivating feedbacks, and your support to make XnView MP even better! :)
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Re: XnView MP 1.00

Post by Bowi »

I want to congratulate Pierre too. Bravo! XNviewMP is one of the first softwares I install immediately after installing the OS or doing a clean install. 😅
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Re: XnView MP 1.00

Post by GearStationR4 »

Wow, boy, I've just updated
And I'm grateful!!!!

I just wanted to congratulate you! And to Thank You At all
What you've created has helped me through the years is unmatched, more than any/other program I've ever used.
I batch converted over 100000 files either BMP, 32-bit to 24-bit PNG or just overall optimization to thousands of files,
Usually in a Quad-core config but I've got to an octa-core once when pulling files out to an USB drive

Being able to shortcut open programs from either one or the two editing programs, or overall just open files with the default program using the keys without having to actually double click it?! Personally This is my 2nd most useful feature! :D
My hands are near the WASD area so I either use F3 or whatever, extremely quick! :D

Thank you, That's All.
I hope you took your deserved vacations after making this HUGE 1.00 update!