Remove all traces of XnView

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Remove all traces of XnView

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I'm having a slideshow issue where video (.mp4) files get messed up. It will play fine until it doesn't... Then they start off as an almost totally black screen with small hints of the video clip thats playing. They do this for several seconds before clearing up and finishing normally. These are all clips that played fine in the past, but just randomly go wrong. Once this happens to a clip once, it will never play properly again in slideshow mode. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but I can tell the uninstall is not 100% because when I re-install, it remembers all of my settings, and what folder I was working from. I'm hoping if I can remove every trace of the program, then reinstall, it will "reset" the video files and they'll play normally again.
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Re: Remove all traces of XnView

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XnView stores his setting in c:\users\...\appdata\roaming\xnview