[Feature Request] support Motion Photos from Google Pixel Phones

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[Feature Request] support Motion Photos from Google Pixel Phones

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Hello! Some photos taken with Google Pixel smartphones contain an embedded video clip that can theoretically be used to extract another frame of the scene (for example, if there is a flashing person in the main frame of the image).

The offset of the video in the file is saved in the EXIF metadata and can be viewed with the following command:

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exiftool -a -G PXL_20210326_130406364.MP.jpg
Example output:

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Xmp.GCamera.MotionPhoto                      XmpText     1  1
Xmp.GCamera.MotionPhotoVersion               XmpText     1  1
Xmp.GCamera.MotionPhotoPresentationTimestampUs XmpText     6  233320
Xmp.xmpNote.HasExtendedXMP                   XmpText    32  E1F7505D2DD64EA6948D2047449F0FFA
Xmp.Container.Directory                      XmpText     0  type="Seq"
Xmp.Container.Directory[1]                   XmpText     0  type="Struct"
Xmp.Container.Directory[1]/Container:Item    XmpText     0  type="Struct"
Xmp.Container.Directory[1]/Container:Item/Item:Mime XmpText    10  image/jpeg
Xmp.Container.Directory[1]/Container:Item/Item:Semantic XmpText     7  Primary
Xmp.Container.Directory[1]/Container:Item/Item:Length XmpText     1  0
Xmp.Container.Directory[1]/Container:Item/Item:Padding XmpText     1  0
Xmp.Container.Directory[2]                   XmpText     0  type="Struct"
Xmp.Container.Directory[2]/Container:Item    XmpText     0  type="Struct"
Xmp.Container.Directory[2]/Container:Item/Item:Mime XmpText     9  video/mp4
Xmp.Container.Directory[2]/Container:Item/Item:Semantic XmpText    11  MotionPhoto
Xmp.Container.Directory[2]/Container:Item/Item:Length XmpText     7  1679555
Xmp.Container.Directory[2]/Container:Item/Item:Padding XmpText     1  0
Based on the video offset / length it's possible to extract the video (e.g. by using dd commandline app).

It would be nice, if it would be possible to view this embedded videos directly in XnView :)

Here are some links with more detailed format description:
https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/shotwell ... te_1064700
https://feedback-readonly.photoshop.com ... 1eac350d81
https://medium.com/android-news/working ... a0aa49b50c