Migrating information into XnView

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Re: Migrating information into XnView

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Yes, files tagged by microsoft software contain exif and XMP keywords, and sometimes IPTC too.
I think XnviewMp ignores the Exif xpkeywords, but the xmp-dc:subject are read, (and probably the XMP/Last Keyword XMP also. ? Pierre ?)

If you need to delete these keywords, the shortest way is to use ExifTool through XnViewMP
- Tools, Open with, configure programs ...
- Add, browse your folders to select Exiftool (often located in ...Xnviewmp\AddOn folder
- in first column, you can double click on exiftool's icon to edit it's name (choose "DelOldKwd" for example)
- Double click in 2nd column to add parameters for ExifTool
- Enter following parameters :

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-k -r "XPKeywords= " "LastKeywordXMP= " -overwrite_original

-k holds exiftool cmd window open so you can read the execution report.
-r Recursive : if you work on a whole folder, subfolders are also processed
use double quotes for windows, single quote for Linux , Mac Os
a space close to = sign means "delete field".
- overwrite_original prevents the creation of backup files (by default, exiftool creates backups)

1 Be careful for the first try
2 Select some files or folders in the main window of XnViewMP browser, Right click, Open With, DelOldKwd ....

To clean categories, use "Categories filter" pane, select a "wrong" category, then select all files found,
Unmark this category in "categories" pane, wait a while, UNSELECT photos.