Help with CANVAS and RESIZE

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Help with CANVAS and RESIZE

Post by kobber »

I want to process a pack of images with different scales - need to crop and resize to 4:3 scale.
For example, on screenshot: red rectangles - source images, green - desired results.
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Initialy I used this command:

nconvert -ratio -resize 0 2000 -canvas 1500 2000 center -i -o dest.jpg source.jpg

It was good for one type of images, but for second - it leaves black lines on a sides of image.

Is there solution to use one line command to deal with both types of scales?
May be canvas longest, resize longest
Have no ideas...
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Re: Help with CANVAS and RESIZE

Post by cday »

When resizing an image to a particular ratio requires new canvas to be added, the colour of the canvas added is set by the -background option:

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 -bgcolor red green blue: Background color (for rotate/canvas)
 -bgcolor2 red green blue alpha: Background color (for rotate/canvas)
When no colour is specified the default value may well be black.

I'm not sure looking quickly whether that is your problem, but you might take a look at that...
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