Simple Renaming

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Simple Renaming

Post by kozman »

Trying to do a simple file rename. Using XnConvert V 1.83 windows x64 (Jan 17 2020) Not working for me.
I have multiple folders of images. I want to rename the files and combine the images into one folder. I need the number to be consecutive after adding them all into on folder.

> from the Input tab screen I select "Add folder".
> select a folder of images. The images load into the input box. Image names are Marlyn2ndScan001.tiff with numbers increasing.
> select Output tab
> select a folder using the ... icon to an empty folder "KozyCzar" on the drive
> input a name in the Filename box "KozyCzar"
> select {Filename Number} from the fwd icon button next to the Filename window
> set "Start index" to 10
> then press the "Convert" button
Files save into the correct folder with the new file name but numbering the files starting with 001 after the name even with the "Start index" set to 10.
I was hoping the numbering would start with 10.
Ned help.
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Re: Simple Renaming

Post by xnview »

XnConvert is not a rename tools, please use XnView MP, XnConvert recompress image data.