Close/Exit button in Viewer

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Close/Exit button in Viewer

Post by uberfly »


I know ESC in windows closes the loaded image but a standard UI exit click would be nice too in this full-screen view. Thank you.
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Re: Close/Exit button in Viewer

Post by xnview »

what other users think about that?
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Re: Close/Exit button in Viewer

Post by daflow »

I can see the value of having a close button in the toolbar and in fullscreen mode the toolbar is wide enough anyway to add another button.

But please do only add it to the toolbar itself and do not show a close button if the toolbar is hidden (via Settings->View->Fullscreen->Show toolbar = false).

I like fullscreen view to be exactly that and have configured playbar, info, scrollbars and toolbar to be disabled and don't want to see a close button.
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Re: Close/Exit button in Viewer

Post by farglebargle »

A Close button that actually closes XNView from full screen mode would be nice. Currently, when you right-click and select "Close", all it does is take you back to windowed mode, where you then need to click the close button again to exit. If I want to exit full screen mode without closing XNView, I can already choose the "Fullscreen" menu selection, or hit F11 or the Esc button. The "Close" menu selection should do what it says, and close XNView, without any additional steps required.

Edit: And yes, I registered on your site just to make this suggestion. I've been using XNView Classic for years, and recently switched to MP. This one annoying "feature" bothers me that much.
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Re: Close/Exit button in Viewer

Post by orbspider »

@targlebargle, the original function on the r-c menu in full screen view did just that (close xnview) and I raised the issue that it was a little unsuspecting to have 'exit program' on the viewer menu.

To help solve the issue, what we could use is a Quit shortcut, that can work at any place, browser, viewer, full screen - and I can't find Quit in Shortcuts so that is a new feature needed.

Obviously, there is Alt-F4, but it's awkward. Ability to set a preferred key would be good, e.g. Shift-Q
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Re: Close/Exit button in Viewer

Post by SYBER1AN »

It would also be nice to be able to go straight to full screen mode when opening a file. And to get the ability to assign a hotkey and / or mouse button to exit from full screen mode to the system.
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Re: Close/Exit button in Viewer

Post by Phred »

xnview wrote: Tue Jun 30, 2020 3:04 pm what other users think about that?
I believe a good GUI interface should allow any influencing action (excluding user input like typing) from BOTH the keyboard and the mouse. Everything should be possible with both.
The ubiquitous 'Ok' control can be accessed by (tab,tab..) Enter/spacebar or by a mouse click.
That's the base.

If I'm holding a cup of coffee in my left hand, I shouldn't have to struggle with my right hand that's on my mouse with a right-hand keystroke sequence/combination that I would otherwise perform with my left.
I should be able to perform it with my mouse, too.
Quite seriously; that's real-world usage. Verstaility.
Regards, PhredE
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