extended images databases management (via IPCT keywords)

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extended images databases management (via IPCT keywords)

Post by florent »


first of all, just for Pierre : "very great job" - xnview is definitively the best images viewer/editor/converter in the world...

i use to manage images databases via the IPCT keywords and categories, and here are some requests that (to my sense) will make xnview a very powerful images database management tool :

- first of all, a simple "search" edit box in the toolbar (just like in Copernic Desktop Search or itunes, for exemple) would be very nice - the search tool would be able to search simultaneously in image filenames, comment, description, IPCT keywords, categories and data... it also would be very nice if the search tool was able to display the found images without asking us to press the "View" button of the search box...

- displaying IPCT data (keywords or categories or any other ones) in the "thumbnails" and "details" modes would be great - but jens has already made a post about that...

- editing IPCT data (for one or many images) directly in the "thumbnails and details" or "details" window without having to open an edit box (ctrl+I) would be great too...

- i always use IPCT keywords for my databases as "NAME=value" pairs (for exemple, "COUNTRY=china" is one keyword for photos taken in china, "COUNTRY=france" is another keyword for photos taken in france... i hope me sentence is clear) - all images in one directory have the same number of keywords, with the same "NAME", only the value of them are different... i know that's a specific usage of IPCT keywords or categories, but if xnview was able to manage, edit, modify, search and display images with such data, it would be really cool...

- if it's not possible to add these features directly in xnview, would it be possible, in a future version, to develop my own display mode or my own search plugin for xnview, using the SDK ??? it would be great...

- and at last, another great feature would be the possibility to have a modifiable "user" menu to call my own scripts ... for example, this has been done very efficiently in the great free text editor "pspad", where i can (using vbscript, jscript, python...) create my own menu and manage my text files, my macros and my scripts very simply... that's would be great to do this in xnview too...

thank you for reading this long post -

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Post by thire »

YES. Everything very much supported. I use a lot of ITPC data (BTW: how do you manage the "quality" of an image (I want to find quite fast the "best" images I took of my "grilfriend" last "summer" in "spain")?), so any improvement here is appreciated!
I guess Pierre sees this as well (coorect me if I'm wrong and this is not important at all!).
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Re: extended images databases management (via IPCT keywords)

Post by xnview »

Thanks for all your suggestions :-)

Post by florent »

and what about the possibility to develop my own display or processing plugins and design my own menus in a future version of xnview ???

i already have developed some image processing softwares with different libraies (including GFL SDK) and i'm sure it would be very nice for xnview to be able to manage external plugins, and be a little bit more opened to user needs...

the rest of xnview is rather perfect - thank you pierre...