XnRetro on Android file name bug

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XnRetro on Android file name bug

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Good afternoon...

I think I have a bug in XnRetro on Android with the file name. Maybe it's just my preference but I don't think it makes sense.

If I take a photo in the afternoon and filter it through XnRetro the file name uses 12-hour format, not 24-hour format. That makes sorting by file name impossible to keep the photos in the correct order.
So in this example I would expect the file name to be 2014-10-02_14-26-45.jpg.

In fact, I could make this a full-fledged feature request by suggesting configurable file names: prefix, separator, date/time format, sequence number, and suffix. So I could have something like IMG_yyyymmdd_hhmmss_Xn.jpg.

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Re: XnRetro on Android file name bug

Post by xnview »

right, i'll fix it