XnViewMP - feature Glossary, explanations (by budz45)

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XnViewMP - feature Glossary, explanations (by budz45)

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Hello XnView forum,

I want to use this topic space to write my own Glossary for every single feature that XnViewMP has.

Contribution is welcome (at a later stage) but I would rather keep this topic free of too many replies, so that I can a make each post concurrently without lots of reply posts in between.

I am a "view mode" user of XnViewMP and XnView classic, so I will start from view mode and cover as much as can and then will continue over to Browser mode.

So for now if I can ask people not to reply as yet.

This is my first entry....BTw, I will be editing posts a lot and I will order things (e.g. start from File>Open of view mode etc)

Spotlight (cmd_spotlight)

Through drawn-selection, use light on an image to pinpoint specific area(s) of interest on the picture and let the non-selected remainder fade into the darkness. You can draw more than one spotlight, add blur to the remainder non-selection and configure the opacity to suit your editing requirement. It is also possible to add Red-Green-Blue (RGB) as a color tint which would be suited to drawing spotlights on plain greyscale (black+white) images.

Most suited for captured screenshots, picture Maps, tutorial pictures or class/group photos.
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