View icon .APK in XnView?

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View icon .APK in XnView?

Post by feijionico »

I would like to give you an idea,
Could include the Xnview able to read the file icons. APK files, which are Android applications. APK files are actually files. ZIP within and has the icon of the application. It would be very good for Xnview could read these icons because neither windows 7 reads. Today millions of people have used mobile phones and tablets with Android, in consequence have many APK files stored on our PC's. If Xnview could read presenting the apk files with their respective icons would be of great help, missing programs that fassam this.
I know that is not the focus of Xnview but as Xnview has been adding functions would be great, no need to open the file but only reading the icons embedded in the APK.

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Re: View icon .APK in XnView?

Post by budz45 »

Very good idea :)
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Re: View icon .APK in XnView?

Post by aqsa88 »

Could XnView be updated to read and display the icons of APK files, even if it cannot open them? I would be very happy if you could let me know, thanks. I know this is an old discussion but the answer to my question is very important I am appealing to the admin. Please approve my post, Thanks