Question about commercial licensing

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Question about commercial licensing

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I'm a developer working on a product in which we plan to include some image handling functionality - mostly resizing images, color reduction and possibly rotation. We plan on handling only a handful of formats: PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF and maybe a few more.

I'm looking at various imaging libraries to determine which one to pick for this project - most of them are large libraries with many unneeded features and they're also very expensive. I've been using XnView for several years now and I like it a lot so I'd like to consider the GFL SDK as well, but I couldn't find any information on licensing terms and pricing. I know the "lite" version is 100 Euros but I can't find the price for the full library.

So my specifc questions are:
  • Where can I find the license agreement for the GFL SDK? I need this because I'll have to get approval from my company's lawyer on the terms.
  • How much does the full SDK cost?
  • After we purchase the library, can we use it in any number of products?
  • Do we have to pay royalties after purchasing the product?
  • Do we have to pay to redistribute the GFL SDK as part of our product?
Please let me know. As I said, I like XnView and I already looked at the SDK so I know it'd do what we need it for but I cannot choose it without having the above information.

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Re: Question about commercial licensing

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Please contact me by email...